Lauren B.

Rich W.

June, 2017

May, 2017

"I was trying to find a reliable dog walker and it was impossible! Then I found Paws in the City and I'm so happy I did. My little puppy Graham means the world to me and I feel completely safe leaving him in the very capable hands of Aubrey the owner of Paws in the City. He offered to either walk him alone or with his cutie pie dog, Bootz. I picked to have him walked with Boots and it is so great because Bootz is the most perfectly trained dog I have ever met and my dog is learning how to behave better just from hanging out with her! They love each other and it is so cute. I know my pup loves Paws in the City because every time Aubrey and Bootz come over he runs to the door and gives them both kisses. Aubrey is very well organized and leaves a report card for him every walk and sends pics. It really is the best case scenario you could ever have! He's so great with animals and you can tell he has a deep love for them from the bottom of his heart!!"
"It takes patience and a loving spirit to deal with my pitbull/boxer mix Thunder.  Fortunately, he was in capable hands at Paws in the City.  I was visiting Miami on a business trip for 5 days, so leaving him in a cage for even 24 hours wasn't an option. I was a little apprehensive about leaving Thunder in the hands of strangers, but within minutes of meeting the founder, they got along perfectly.  They even texted me pics of him, and he looked as if he were right back at home.  Don't leave your pets in the hands of just anybody.  They deserve the best in quality care.  That said, I can't recommend Paws in the City highly enough."

Carlos J.

April, 2017

**AWESOME SERVICE** I was visiting Miami on a 2 week long business trip from ATLANTA GA... I hate boarding my baby girl so on this trip I decided to take her with me... I was in trainings most of the day but on my breaks and lunch hour I would run to the hotel to walk, talk and play with her... Since she was a rescue I really hate leaving her caged for extended amounts of time... On the 3rd day of this running back and forth I decided to just see what Miami had to offer in the arena of doggie daycare...(affordable doggie daycare) I saw Paws In The City and immediately I smiled because the name was clever to me... I spoke to a very nice gentleman that I later found out was the founder and owner of this small business... As they say when a great match has been made... The Rest Is History! He shows up (on time) with his beautiful boxer (also a rescue) and my Winnie took to them both... IMMEDIATELY!!  Needless to say that the rest of my business trip was made a ton easier because I didn't have to worry about my little girl... I would get pics of her during her time with them and that really meant a lot and IT added a great touch to their already priceless service... With all of this being stated I recommend them with the highest praise... Especially if you have a rescue animal that's a little leery/skittish or spooked by strangers... THESE ARE THE SITTERS FOR YOU!"

Caroline K.

January, 2016

"We have been using Paws In The City 5 days a week for the past 5 months, and are still happier than ever! When we moved to Downtown Miami, I was so nervous about having to find a new dog walker. We interviewed Aubrey as well as another dog walking service, and both my husband and I, as well as our dogs were very comfortable with Aubrey from the second he walked in the door. He is the sweetest guy and truly cares for our animals as if they were his own. It is so nice to go to work everyday and know our babies will get a mid day walk, treats and more than anything LOVE. 

If you are looking for someone to care for your furry friend/s, DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER, you have found the right guy!!!!"
Damon & Laurie P.
January, 2018
"We were referred to Paws In The City by a friend over a year ago and since that time we have been using their pet/house-sitting services whenever we travel.  We had used other pet-sitters in the past; but found Paws In The City services more satisfactory than any of the others.  

Our reasons are as follows:
1. When Aubrey is at our house taking care of our dogs, Louie and Maisie, he's with them all the time.  He isn’t splitting his time with dog-walking other clients or working another job.

2. He truly loves the dogs and they love him (this is obvious from their reactions whenever they see him).  He takes them on at least two long, leisurely walks every day – more than we do when we are home.

3. Aubrey observes each of the dogs’ behaviors and detects problem issues which she seems to enjoy working on as they meet and socialize with other dogs on their walks.

4. He goes to great lengths to make sure we know – through frequent texts and photos -- how the dogs are doing while we are traveling. We really think that Louie and Maisie probably prefer to have us gone on trips so that they can have Aubrey taking care of them."
A few words from our clients. 
Our goal is to provide a service that keeps our clients tails wagging. 
We are pleased to hear the feedback their humans have for us.

Natalie A.

Diana M.

October, 2016

August, 2016

"I have been through several pet sitters and boarding facilities and i was very impressed and pleasantly surprised at the outstanding service that Paws in the City provides. Even though I insisted my dog was potty trained, he had a poop incident on their carpet the same night I dropped him off, which no one expected, but instead of making an issue about it they chalked it up to a freak accident and reassured us that it was ok. I didn't worry about a thing while I was away, my pup was having lots of fun and I received photos and videos regularly. To top it off they even bought him a free chew toy and gave him a complimentary bone that they apparently gift to all clients' pups when you go to pick them up. My pup was even depressed for a couple of days after leaving. Again, truly impressed and I will never have to worry about where I'm leaving my pet ever again. If you live in the city and don't have time to walk your pet sometimes or have to travel, look no further, these are your guys."
"As a loving pet owner, I’m grateful for Aubrey & Bilal's in-home pet-sitting service, Paws In The City. I recently moved to Miami for a job that involves frequent travel. Aubrey was able to meet with me on short notice for an introductory visit, and took care to ask detailed questions about my dog’s health, routines and care instructions. He is a friendly, attentive person and seems to love working with animals. He leaves notes after each visit, and does his best to respond quickly whenever I need to contact him. My dog always seems to be in good spirits when I return home; in fact, I almost wish she’d act like she missed me a little more! Leaving my little friend behind is always hard on me; fortunately I feel confident that she’s well cared-for."

Derrick K.

November, 2015

Louis M.

"Annabelle and I can’t imagine life without Aubrey, Paws In The City. Aubrey and Bilal are professional, responsible, and dependable. Annabelle and my cat, Ally, get first-class, warm and loving care from both of them. Aubrey has taken care of my pets for over a year. He provides daily care and walking while I’m at work and overnight care when I travel. I have always been completely delighted with the service he provides, and I look forward to continuing our association for many years to come."

July, 2015

"Paws In The City far exceeded my expectations, taking a personal interest in me and my kittens. I will not only recommend them to my friends but will continue to use them in the future."